I am an artist, writer and postman. I live and work in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK. 

Sports and Social
'This is a humane, funny, poignant collection that lingers long in the memory.' William Davies, Literary Review
'If we build a new Voyager probe any time soon this should be on it, but failing that I’d recommend putting a copy in a shoebox and burying it in your garden, for future generations to find.' Jonathan Gibbs, Tiny Camals Books of the Year 2023
'...strange, touching, pulsating with life.' Wendy Erskine, Caught by the River
'As a form of witness Sports and Social is remarkable: meticulous, unjudgemental and intelligent. Truly this is England, now. As a collection of stories it is emotionally charged without being sentimental, and considered without seeming contrived. It is also quietly hilarious.' Ian Sansom, Times Literary Supplement

Round About Town
‘Round About Town is a work that can conjure fury at poverty, contempt for the poverty of mainstream popular culture and joy at its moments of poetic collapse.’ Mythogeography
‘There’s no story here, in this whole book, but there are glimpses of hundreds of stories.It is funny, and unsettling, and comforting, often at the same time, and you don’t get to find out what happens next.’ Anna Wood, Caught by the River
‘Absurdity lurks around every corner.’ Michael Caines in Times Literary Supplement, 
‘The funniest book I read this year was the one-man mass-observation of Round About Town by Kevin Boniface, a Yorkshire postman with a poet’s eye.’ Jeremy Noel-Tod, ‘Books of the Year 2018’ Times Literary Supplement
‘This is a wonky, odd, occasionally bleak England, but also one full of heart and humour, in which life is just trying to get by.’
Gareth E. Rees, Unofficial Britain
'This is how questions are asked and identity is formed through what you see, through what you hear and what you write. Is this how you find yourself? Or how you lose yourself?' Lee Ashworth, Louder Than War

Lost in the Post
‘Britain at its most odd and its most ordinary’ The Huddersfield Examiner
‘A revealing miniature glimpse of “ordinary” life’ The Guardian
‘Wonderfully observational’ The Big Issue
‘Lost in the Post will be a cult classic’ The Independent
‘Utter rubbish’ D.Allam via Amazon.co.uk

Huddersfield Glovewatch, 2002: Google Maps

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